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Because we work with "Amber Alert" we will post on this page "Missing Children" that has been requested for our  help. We hope and Pray that this will aid in the returning of children to who they belong. We do not and will not charge for this service it is just a small way that the J.C.A.M.I can help our Children. If you have or know of any children that are missing and you would like us to post it, just send us a request. God Bless and we hope that we will never have to post on this page.

Just E-Mail Us A Photo of the Child and a Short Bio with information that would help Police and the Public Find Them. We at the J.C.A.M.I ask all Religious Organizations and Churches that have a web site join with us in this fight to help Find, Save, and Protect our Children and Young Adults.

The J.C.A.M.I Staff



 Thankfully None at this Time