Philippians 1:21

For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain





1 Thessalonians 4:16

For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:







   In Memoriam





1/5/1958 - 12/15/2009

Our Dr & Bishop Mbongo Has Passed Away

He has finished his course and ran his race and is at peace with our Lord

A Man of Faith, Love, and Compassion





Bishop Mbongo Andrew, Was born on Lafiaji Quarter in Lagos Island by Late Pa Mbongo Daniel and Erna Enange Mbongo on the 5th of January 1958
He grew up in the sea side town of Victoria Cameroon, where he got his FSLC from the CBC Centinary Primary school in the year 1972.

 He went back to Lagos Nigeria and attended the M.B.H.S to obtain his WAEC after which he undertook studies in air conditioning and refrigerators. He would have been a good engineer but he had something else to do when he put aside that idea to read journalism in the Lagos school of journalism.

 A good communicator, with wisdom from his master above, the young mbongo was always a crowd puller, happy and went lucky with every body. He was so popular with influential persons that, there was no surprise when he got a job with the ministry of defends Head Quarters in Lagos Nigeria. He made wealth but his bank account was frozen by the government, this made him come back to Cameroon to follow his deep talking, aiding voice that told him: “ seek ye first the kingdom of God…………..”

 Mr. Mbongo enrolled in the United Pentecostal College of Theology Wokoko –Buea and graduated in 1998 as a pastor with a bachelor degree in sacred Theology. He was ordained bishop in Calabar Nigeria. 

He was later awarded many certificates especially the Ph.D degree from  the International Circle Of  Faith and Doctor of Divinity from Jesus Christ Apostolic Ministry International (USA). And was appointed Bishop of Cameroon for the (JCAMI) Jesus Christ Apostolic Ministries International in January 2009

 Married to the Agness Lyonga on the year 1998 knew his family so well and loved friends and relatives. A courageous man who always, look bold in the heat of every trouble, who thus appreciates good and beauty.
 Andy as most people knew he always had a bit of news for anyone he met. His outgoing spirit has made him strong in the works of the Holy Lord Jesus.
He is the founder of the United Apostolic Church Inc Cameroon with seeds planted that will soon claim the world.

 A faith filled man, a man of ONE GOD, BAPTISM IN JESUS NAME AND THE INFILLING OF THE HOLY GHOST WITH EVIDENCE OF SPEAKING WITH OTHER TONGUES, has made many people found the light of truth. He leaves behind his sweet soft talking wife, relatives, friends and a legion of planted seeds to continue the hill top task the trip ahead toward souls and souls and eternity.

 Bishop was sick of a prolonged illness years behind but God gave him grace to live until this year December 15th 2009 that he finally left us, this world, to meet the Lord For sure, he is resting in peace We missed him much.

Bio By: Dr Chama Meyembi
Bishop Cameroon (JCAMI)











Alma Sue Coats was Born on 09-20-1936 to Charlie, and Therria Stone in Pontotoc County Mississippi. She had 12 brothers, and sisters. She married Malcolm Coats on 07-25-1953. They had the first born Gary Coats" on 03-09-1955 he never came home, and died in the Memphis Hospital at 2 1/2 months old. Then exactly one year later on 03-09-1956 Donnie Coats was born, and then Dewayne, Kathy, Cindy, Becky, Reathia, Tammy, James, Brad, and Pam, and she raised a nephew Kelvin from his 4th birthday until he Graduated High school.

She lost the son James 31 years old, and his son Timmy 2 years old back in March 2000 in an auto accident. Sister Sue Coats also lost a set of twin’s great grands in 2009. Sister Sue Coats received the Holy Ghost sometime in the mid 1960's about 45 years ago. She worked seeing to the kids, cooking, cleaning, and making lunch daily bring it to the field, and never complained. She is survived by Her Husband Malcolm, and 9 kids, and Kelvin, 36 Grandkids', and 26 Great-grand's. Also 9 Brothers, Sister still alive. Sister Sue Went to be with the Lord  on 02-16-2010, and was laid to rest at the Judah Church Cemetery on 02-18-2010.She was 73 Year Old

We ask that you join us in Prayer for the Family And Friends, of the Coats Family in this time of loss. A mother is a special person, she takes care of us even before we are born into this world, she knows us for 9 Months longer than our Fathers, she Loves, she nurtures, she guides us, she picks us up when we fall, she over looks our faults and wrongs, she teaches us all her life with a smile or a kind word. A Mother know more than we ever think she knows, a Mothers Love is never ending, when we lose a Mother that is a Child of God, we never really lose her, she just goes on to that place of rest before us, to rest in the Lord. Her Love remains with us always, her smile, her laugh, her words of Love are there within us and keeps us going on and living the Life we know she would have wanted us to. The Love of God and his word is what she would tell us to do, Just as God says "If You Love Me Keep My Commandments" we know she would say "My Son Or Daughter" Love the Lord and his word.! A Mother keeps us on that path that she knows will lead us to the internal peace and rest that she has gone to. So if we have a Mother Like this we have truly been Blessed, and all though we have Lost her in this Life, we know she is at Rest with the Lord and just a little part of this humanity that we are in, has a little smile with the Tears. A Mother is a Great Gift!! "Mother is not Dead She Is Only Sleeping, Patiently Waiting For Jesus To Come!